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What can I expect in a mediumship reading?

I tune into your energy and connect with those in the spirit world around you. Spirit communicates by giving me information in the form of images, feelings, and thoughts, so I will tell you everything that I am seeing, hearing and feeling. Through their communication, Spirit provides evidence of their existence in the afterlife, and of their connection with you.

I want to talk to a specific person in Spirit. Can you guarantee to make a connection?

No, I cannot guarantee to connect with a specific person in Spirit, but I do offer clients the opportunity to email me a photo of their loved one prior to the reading so I can meditate with the photo beforehand. This helps the process along, but again, Spirit is in charge. I just relay what I am getting from each spirit, and have no control over the order, or which spirits come through.

How do I prepare for a reading?

I suggest thinking about the Spirit you are wishing to connect with before your session, and ask them to come through clearly during your reading. Let them know you are looking forward to communicating with them. The more relaxed you are, the clearer the messages will be for you. Remember, if you are afraid, worried, or closed-minded, you can block the reading…so do your best to arrive at your reading open-minded, relaxed, and patient :).

Can I take notes or record my session?

Yes and yes! A lot of information comes through in a reading, so I highly suggest taking notes (I provide a notebook and pen at in-person readings). If you wish to record your reading, please bring along your own recording device.